“Condescending” Justin Bieber Brags About His Million$ and Lamborghini Expertise In New Police Report

Justin Bieber is on his way to becoming the poster child for the ultimate pop star career cautionary tale.

From the deposition room to the police station, he continues to be the music industry’s biggest brat.

In a new police report released Tuesday — and obtained by Celebuzz — the insolent idol shows his true colors yet again.

CB! has broken down the docs detailing the 20-year-old’s drug influence evaluation during his drag racing arrest in January and highlights Bieber’s amateur attempt to squirm his way out of a DUI.

Note to Biebs: Being the a**hole who brags to police officers about his expert knowledge of Lamborghinis and having millions of dollars that they don’t have, doesn’t win you any points.

“Upon my initial contact with him prior to breath testing, he was agitated and condescending,” reads the report.

“He was using profanity and asking why he was stopped to begin with.

“I explained to him the driving patterns that I observed prior to the stop.

“He said that the black Escalades were carrying his security.

“He said that there was paparazzi following him and that he was trying to avoid them but that he wasn’t racing.

“He said that he had to have security with him all the time and that they were just trying to keep the paparazzi,” the evaluation continues.

“He then got upset and said, ‘I’m 19 years old. I’m just out having a good time.’

“He asked me, ‘What were you doing when you were 19?’”

“When I answered that I wasn’t driving around in a Lamborghini, he replied, ‘Yeah, well I bet you didn’t have millions of dollars in your bank account either.’

“Ofc. Dionne was present during this conversation and I said to Dionne that it looked like they were having difficulty driving the cars.

“[Bieber] then said, ‘What? I’ve been driving Lamborghinis since I was 15.’”

Bieber’s yellow Lamborghini gets hauled off by police. Photo: Splash

Not including having marijuana breath and a big mouth, Bieber’s smartest decision was to simply shut up.

“After breath testing, [Bieber] was returned to my custody. This was for the drug influence evaluation. During this time, [he] was calm and respectful. He discussed tattoos and going fishing for pike in Canada with his grandfather.”

And just when you started feeling compassion for the little guy, you realize it may have all been an act.

“[Bieber] has advised Ofc. Dionne that he takes an unknown anti-anxiety medication that he receives from his mother.

“A short time after that statement, he advised me that he takes an unknown anti-anxiety medication that he gets from his sister whenever he feels ‘closed in,'” according to the report.

Did Bieber just unwittingly reveal a long lost sister we didn’t know about? Because the only female sibling we’re aware of is his 5-year-old half sis Jazmyn, who we find hard to believe is supplying him prescription pills.

Back at the station, the pop star failed the drug influence evaluation, and because it couldn’t have been the fact that he admitted smoking weed in the studio all night, he decided to blame it on a skateboarding accident that left him with a hairline fracture to his right foot and knee.

“He stated that he received the injury 3 months earlier while skateboarding and never mentioned any knee injury. I mentioned that he did not limp or show signs of injury and that 3 months seemed like a long time for a hairline fracture to heal,” per the docs. “He then told me that he never went to have it x-ray’d. he told me that it wasn’t what he would consider an injury. He began to wince as if he was in pain when performing on his right foot. He raised both arms for balance and swayed heavily. He appeared to have great difficulty. However, right after [he] never showed signs of having pain or difficulty with his foot or leg. There was no other mention of the alleged injury…”


And in case you missed it, here’s Biebs whining again during his recent deposition in the CB! video below.