Did Naya Rivera Jump on the Boob Job Bandwagon?


Naya Rivera has always shown off her sexy curves, but we've never seen them like this before!

Perhaps that's because this time are things are a bit... Bigger?

The Glee actress took to Instagram yesterday to share an adorable photo at the beach with her fiancé Big Sean.  However, we couldn't help but focus on the main attraction of the pic: her cleavage.

Of course her fans immediately got to speculating... And so did we.

There's a lot that could be going on here: It could be good lighting, an extra enhanced push-up bathing suit top... Or just a good ol' a boob job.  Chances are it's the latter. (Maybe her and Miranda Kerr went to the same doctor?!)

But we want to know what YOU think... Did she go under the knife? Vote below!



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  • hotwasabi21

    How is this even a question? Girl obviously got a boob job and it's quite sad! She's been spending too much time with the plastic Kardashian dolls - she used to be really pretty; but now she wears too much makeup, too big of hair, and now too big of boobs! I used to like Naya, but this is stupid and desperate, and I do not like it!

  • Bruce Bohen
    Bruce Bohen

    I think she looked better before, don't like fake tities