Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Already Get Couples Therapy

Bachelor couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have only recently embarked on their relationship off camera and already they’re seeking help from relationship experts.

In an effort to repair and build their reality TV union ever since the former soccer player was blasted as the “worst Bachelor ever” in one of the show’s most controversial seasons, WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp counseling duo, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, met with the twosome to offer their advice.

The Carrolls spoke with Celebuzz — and their prediction for Juan and Nikki’s future is not what you may think.

“They’re so ready to start on the journey to a real relationship,” said Jim of their meeting with the reality stars that lasted over two hours. “They want to have an equal and grounded relationship.”

Jim and Elizabeth Carroll met with Juan and Nikki on Tuesday in Miami. Photo: We TV

But there are already some obstacles these therapists noticed right away.

“Juan Pablo is very masculine and is uncompromising, while Nikki is nurturing — and if they can learn to compromise, they can become a really strong couple,” said Jim.

“At the same time those are traits that can rip them apart. All those traits are attractive in the beginning and then they can become annoying and they can potentially face that,” Elizabeth added.

The counseling couple gave them some tips on what they need to work on to have a healthy relationship.

“They were very open with us. They have all the challenges that every normal couple has,” said Elizabeth.

“It’s about how do they have compatibility and are healthy and growing. How do we navigate the conflicts and with what he just got blasted with [in the media].”

“In a conflict they have to make sure they’re both on the same side of the net. The other side of the net has to be the conflict. For example, the other side of the net is all the public criticism,” she continued. “And when all that [finally] goes away, they have to look at each other and know who the other person really is.”

During their casual lunch session in Juan’s hometown of Miami, the young couple even had to do some tough homework on the spot.

“We asked them to bring up an area of conflict they were having and one conflict right now they wanted to resolve,” added Jim, both of whom have counseled other reality pairs like future parents Jenni “JWoww” Farley and fiancé Roger Mathews and Traci Braxton and hubby Kevin Surrat. “They had to articulate the problem and be quiet while the other person was talking. Then we had them identify the best case scenario and negotiate a win-win settlement.

“And they were really open to us coaching them through it.”

Photo: Elizabeth Carroll/We TV

Photo: Jim Carroll/We TV

During season 18, Juan sparked outrage with his questionable comments and behavior on the reality show. During the finale, he chose Nikki over Clare Crawley, but still didn’t propose.

Given the social media vitriol, even the experts had their preconceived notions.

“Before we went to the lunch we thought, ‘oh boy, here we go, we’re getting into a wrestling match.’ And we were genuinely surprised how open and fun they were,” Elizabeth said.

“Juan Pablo has a sense of humor that can be confusing to people,” Jim chimed in. “He’s quick-witted and very sharp and it can be taken the wrong way if you don’t realize he’s joking.

“I think they both came to the show thinking this sounds like fun, let’s enjoy the opportunity and find the love of our lives. That’s not always reality,” added Elizabeth. “Once they got out, they were genuine and authentic in finding out if they are compatible and can make this work.

“They’re not fake.”

Juan posted this snap on Instagram with a very telling message just after the controversial finale: “We re FREE,” he said.

Elizabeth added their body language during their meeting spoke volumes.

“They were touching each other and holding each other’s hands. You could tell they had already been working on their issues before they met with us,” said Jim.

The Carrolls gave their quick assessment of Juan and Nikki with “The Five C’s” and their success is not so black and white.

1. Chemistry: That of which they have in spades, said Elizabeth.

2. Compatibility: “They seem to have the same value system and want to have a family. But that is still a question mark,” she added.

3. Character: “That’s been established on TV and in the public eye,” she said, continuing that it’s an area they need to stay committed to keeping separate from their relationship.

4. Commitment: “The fact that he didn’t propose to Nikki speaks more to me — that he takes marriage very seriously,” Elizabeth said.

5. Compromise: “That’s still a question mark,” she concluded. “Are they willing to look at one another and see the differences and compromise to make room for each other?”

What do you have to say — Do you agree with the Carrolls? Do you think Juan and Nikki will last? Tell us in the comments below.