Celebrities Who Take it From Behind: A Gallery of Butt Selfies

Kim's Butt Selfie
kim Kardashian's portrait is turning a lot of heads.
Between Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, my Instagram feed is constantly updated with a new, sexy snap that typically includes one of their most famous assets: Their booty.

But these aren’t the only ladies who are a fan of the now infamous “butt selfie.”  Several celebs these days take to their social media sites to show off what their werkin’ with

Miley Cyrus just posted a photo yesterday, showcasing her booty with a big ‘ol bruise on it.  Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to show off her underage rump in a itty bitty black bikini, and Nicki Minaj shared a post-workout photo of her a$$ a$$ a$$ in some skin tight leggings…. ‘Cus it’s finally famous.

Whether you think it’s awesome or absolutely astonishing, we can all admit we can’t help “butt” look… And thus, I’ve made life easier for all us sick-os and collected some of the most famous Instagram butt selfies that have hit our feeds over the last couple years.

Launch the gallery above and enjoy!