Check Out These Celebrities’ Embarrassing First Tweets

In celebration of its own anniversary, Twitter released a tool on Thursday that lets you see anyone’s very first tweet. So, of course, we were curious to see what some of our favorite stars had to say the first time they logged on to Twitter. These are the best ones.

You’ll get there in a minute, Tyra.

A sense of humor from the very beginning…

Thanks for the encouragement, Kris!

Matt’s first tweet was actually written by Justin Bieber during an interview on TODAY.

Started from the bottom, then she became the first person with 50 million Twitter followers.

John Legend: testing since 2009

Back in the day, she didn’t get it. But a world record later, Ellen seems to have figured out Twitter just fine.

What even is this?

Remember Sean William Scott? And Rock Band 2?

What is this, a Facebook status? Get it together, 50.

Little did he know what a roller coaster ride it would be. And about that glass of wine…


If you build it, the selfies will come.


But the award for most embarrassing goes to…

And just for good measure, here’s ours:

What was your first tweet? Find out here.