WATCH: Hopeless Romantic Justin Timberlake Wants to Find This Newly-Engaged Mystery Couple

Justin Timberlake needs your help to find these lovebirds.

The singer asked Ellen DeGeneres to air a clip of his new music video inspired by a young couple who got engaged on the Long Island Rail Road a few weeks ago.

So why is JT searching high and low for the pair?

A la John Cusack in the iconic tearjerker, Say Anything, the mystery man who popped the question, got down on one knee with a mini-boom box overhead playing Timberlake’s ballad, “Not a Bad Thing.”

Photo: Ellen

Now, Jessica Biel’s hubby, whose songs have brought out the hopeless romantic in all of us, is caught up in his own true life love story and is trying to find the couple who’s inspired him to believe in love.

Photo: Ellen

The couple’s sweet engagement has become the theme of his music video and two documentarian’s film about finding love.

Photo: Ellen

Have you seen them?

Watch JT’s video above.