Jake Gyllenhaal Keeps it Bearded at ‘Enemy’ Premiere

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Some days Jake Gyllenhaal likes to be clean shaven and attractive. But on days like today, Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to be bearded and attractive. He seems to have succeeded…mostly.

The actor hit the red carpet in Madrid, Spain today for the premiere of his latest movie, Enemy. That’s the one where he plays two guys who are identical, and one of whom is evil–because that is way more fun.

So Jake, let’s talk about that hair. 

I know you’re doing it for your latest movie, Everest, but I just can’t get into it. The beard, sure. The hair, no. Maybe it’s just me, but I have yet to jump on the man bun band wagon. I mean, yes Jake, I appreciate it, but I’m not loving it.

Still, I love you. Check out all the photos of Jake’s man bun and beard in the gallery. Are you a fan? Side note: that photo of giant Jake looking down on little Jake is hysterical.