Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen List Their Mega-Sized Panty-Dropping Palace for $50 Million

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are saying au revoir to the colossal French Chateau that took them four years to build.

Along with being the world’s wealthiest celebrity couple, these two are undoubtedly (and unfairly) the most gorgeous celeb Mr. and Mrs. with equally gorgeous kids to go along with their gorgeous L.A. mega-mansion that they’ve just put on the market for… take a deep breath… $50 million.

And CB! can take you on a tour from the sexy couple’s bathroom to their boudoir.

After buying the 4-acre lot just before they got married in 2009, the quarterback and his supermodel wife spent $40 million building their European dream home from the ground up in the tony Los Angeles nabe of Brentwood.

And fitting Bundchen’s Amazon-like, au naturale hippie chic sensibility, the 14,000 square foot palace is stylishly sustainable and cozy and comfortable from top to bottom.

The Richard Landry masterpiece comes with a few f-you money must-haves — winding gated drive, waterfalls, ponds, koi-filled moat, bridge, infinity pool, and views for miles to the Pacific Ocean.

The eco-conscious couple used tons of recycled building materials to construct the ginormous abode — composting, gray-water technology for irrigation, and two solar panels on the roof and garden.

Different types of limestone make up the house with reclaimed cobblestones, ceiling beams and floorboards, salvaged ceramic tile, brick, and bluestone, and antique wood doors.

The 5-bedroom, 9-bath pad is surprisingly understated for the world’s most famous football player and the fashion industry’s most recognizable face. The mostly beige color palette covers the home — and what it lacks for in hues, it makes up for in subtle elegance and plenty of personal touches.

But the real showstoppers are all the features that blend the SoCal indoor/outdoor lifestyle, including the multitude of outdoor entertaining areas, terraces, private deck with soaking tub off the master bath, curtained loggia, poolside lounge and cabana with fireplace, and outdoor kitchen.

Let’s take a peek inside in the CB! gallery above.