Don’t Act Like You’ve Never Wondered What Beyoncé Tastes Like

Jay Z gets to do things to Beyoncé that everyone else in the world can only dream about…

Unless of course you get to lick her boob in a music video.

No one can forget the famous scene in Mrs. Carter’s “Yoncé” vid when model Joan Smalls casually licks the top of the Queen’s perfect breast.

And if you’re weird like me, you secretly wondered to yourself: What does someone as perfect as Beyoncé taste like?

(I can feel your judging eyes staring at the screen right now… Knock it off! You know you’re curious now, too!)

Wellp, Joan must have heard my thoughts because she chatted with Vanity Fair to spill the juicy deets.

“That was my idea,” she explained.  “I just got inspired by the song… I’m like, ‘Can we actually see what Yoncé would taste like? Can I lick her?’ And they’re like, ‘Go for it.’  I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ And I asked her, and she’s like, ‘Absolutely.'”

Cue instant jealousy here.

Of course, Joan admitted the moment was a bit uncomfortable.  “I mean, I do what very people in this world would ever do… So Jay Z is a very lucky man.”

So now the question that’s all been burning in our minds… How does Queen Bey taste?

“Uh, sweet,” Joan confessed with a smirk… Confirming what we all already assumed. She’s perfect.

Beyonce – Yoncé from Ricky Saiz on Vimeo.