Liam Neeson Defends Stray Dog from Stone-Throwing Punks

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In a scene right out of one of his action flicks, Liam Neeson supposedly saved a stray dog from a bunch of stone-throwing thugs and comforted the injured pup until police arrived. Showbiz reports the six-foot-four Irish actor was jogging in Central Park when he encountered the pugs harassing the defenseless animal.

The web site’s source says Liam “confronted three gangbanger wannabe types who were throwing rocks at a stray they’d cornered up against a trash bin. Liam yelled that they’d better stop or he’d knock the crap out of them – but the punks just swaggered up and warned him to mind his own business.”

But much like his tough-as nails character in Taken, Taken 2, The Grey etc. Neeson would not be ignored. The source adds, “He warned them to back off fast – or else!”

Eventually, the cowards dropped their weapons and took off when a policeman arrived on the scene.

While the story seems a little suspect, it could be true. It could also be a well-timed PR stunt to offset the actor’s ardent support of Manhattan’s controversial horse-drawn carriages, which Mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged to eliminate in favor of electric antique replica cars.

Neeson believes the carriages are an integral part of the city’s history. He recently told the press, “This is an industry that’s been here since before Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration. A beautiful industry it is. It’s a connection with our past.”

Animal rights activists (and de Blasio) disagree however. They claim the animals are treated poorly and have no business in the chaotic streets of the city.

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