The Things I Would Do to Join Kendall and SelGo on Their Lunch Date

Well this was unexpected…

Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez joined each other for lunch in Los Angeles today, causing a stir of speculation about what the two ladies could possibly be meeting over.

My immediate thought was the obvious: Justin Bieber.

Kendall and Kylie run in the same group as the Biebs, which would explain why the reality star would be hanging out with SelGo, catching up over salads and lattes at Joan’s on Third.

But then something struck me…

Could it be that the rumors about Taylor Swift distancing herself from Selena are true?  Is this SelGo’s way of getting back at her BFF–with her ex-boyfriend’s rumored new beau?!

The possibilities are endless.

Launch the gallery above to check out all the interesting snaps for yourself, and then tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

PS: Notice Kendall’s awkward hug when parting ways from Selena. Hmm