Amanda Bynes Looked Amazing for Her FIDM Debut

Amanda Bynes
On the surface, it seems that Amanda Bynes is happy and healthy in her life post-rehab and we couldn't be happier to bring you the proof.

The actress and design student has recently come back to Twitter and seems to be slowly letting the world get to know her again.

Flanked by her parents, Amanda looked like a vision of her old self at an event held by her design school, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Bynes has been taking classes since late last year, even posting a few of her homework assignments online.

Gone are the wigs and piercings that lead towards her downward spiral, thank god.  

The night of fashion featured student work, which Amanda appreciated, but it seems she was there observing and not participating. According to its website, the FIDM Debut Event was meant for prospective and recently accepted students only.


Nothing makes me happier than a success story and it appears that Amanda is taking life by the horns.

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  • mynameiswhat

    It is really good to see her healthy and working and happy. Hopefully she can keep her illness under control and have a happy life.

  • Larissa Ulrich
    Larissa Ulrich

    It wasn't the drugs and alcohol Teri. She has actual diagnosed mental health issues that she and her family have taken the time to address. The drug and alcohol use was(as it usually is) the side effect of a much larger issue.

  • Teri S Carrandsuch
    Teri S Carrandsuch

    "... wigs and piercings that lead to her downward spiral..." ?? Really? Thank god it wasn't the drugs and alcohol - so many parents will be relieved to learn this!! Idiot statement.

  • Evelyn Braman
    Evelyn Braman

    she looks great! a genuine happy smile.. good luck continued success to ya gf!