Holly Madison Might Have an Obsession with Dyeing Her Hair

Five and a half years after leaving Hugh Hefner and Playboy behind, Holly Madison finally ditched her bleach blonde hair for something a bit more appropriate for her newfound motherhood.

Trouble is, the former reality star can’t seem to pick a color she likes and we aren’t too thrilled with the newest results.

The former The Girls Next Door centerpiece debuted her ginger locks on March 13th on a red carpet in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, she must have wanted something a bit more vibrant and darkened the color just before her most recent appearance celebrating a brand new cupcake ATM yesterday.

I’m not sure about you, but I much prefer the lighter version to the darker. It seems a lot more natural and is just prettier.

And from one ginger to another, Holly better make sure to have those hair appointments scheduled in advance. Red may be stunning, but it is a bitch to keep up with once you start washing it.

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