Justin Bieber Thinks Himself a King and Enjoys Viewing His Subjects From Above

While most celebrities chose to sit courtside whenever the opportunity presents itself, Justin Bieber appears to rather enjoy his basketball from above. And by basketball, we mean that he enjoys watching the rest of us sit uncomfortably in the nosebleed sections.

But whether or not you agree with his affinity for “swag,” the birds-eye view from his seats at last night’s game is staggering.

It isn’t clear at all which NBA game Bieber chose to root for last night, but he and his drag race partner-in-crime, Khalil, seemed to enjoy their view more than anything.

Captioning the picture with a simple crown emoji, the Biebs really does appear to be in a world of his own design.

One things for certain though, whomever took the first photo was trying to give us a case of vertigo.