Justin Bieber Pays Homage to James Dean

By: Jason Marshall / March 23, 2014

In a move that came out of left field, Justin Bieber has begun using his Twitter to pay homage to the amazing entertainers that came before him.

And surprisingly enough, he picked legendary actor James Dean to begin with.

Bieber shared the image late on Saturday, displaying his love for white cotton and cigarettes. But, because he has nothing else to worry about, he made an attempt to keep his image pearly white.

We aren’t sure why, of all things, he’s worried that people think he smokes. If that’s the thing that will turn the tide against the troubled pop star, we’d be shocked to say the least.

Don’t forget, this is the kid who pissed in a bucket and gave  the world the snarkiest deposition ever.

Sorry about it Justin, James Dean you are not.