And It’s Official, American Horror Story’s Next Season Will Be Called ‘Freak Show’

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After weeks of speculation and a soft confirmation, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the next season of American Horror Story will be tagged “Freak Show.” Murphy tweeted the news Monday:

As a loyal viewer of American Horror Story for three seasons now, I’ve got some ideas. First of all, it would be a major wasted opportunity not to use Britney Spears’ “Freakshow,” at least for some promo spots or something.

And another: Sarah Paulson says she’s been practicing “a very special skill” (ostensibly a circus act) for her role this season, but you know who else knows a circus act? Pink. Let’s get her a cameo on this season! Let her swing around on a rope for a while or whatever, I’m sure she’d be willing to lose an arm or something for the sake of the story. I even made some fan art:

Let's get Pink a cameo on American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Anyhow, American Horror Story: Freak Show seems very Murphy-esque. I can see it all now, Zachary Quinto as a lion tamer, Lily Rabe is a misunderstood mermaid or something. Jessica Lange chain smokes. It’s probably going to be a whole lot like Carnivàle.