This Kim Kardashian Caption Contest Is Not Going Where You Think It's Going

Kim-Kardashian-Caption-ContestKim K
Maybe you came expecting a certain kind of Kim Kardashian joke, but I regret to inform you that you will not find them here! We are Kim-friendly, family-friendly! This post has been rated K for Kardashians, which is the equivalent of a PG. I believe in honesty, and that is the honest truth. Now you know what you're in for, so here are today's winning captions.

"But the diamond I bought for myself from Kris Humphries was THIS big!!!!!" - Rachel

"I want only this much of Kanye's face to show on the cover... The rest me of course!" - Odaly

"I learnt today how to make shapes with my hands, ok this is a squarcle, a cute square circle yyaaaaayyyy" - Chris

" said 'Dawn Dish Soap', it was in some odd plastic bottle, about this big around, I wasnt sure why it was by the sink or what to do with it. I threw it away, I hope Casuela didnt need it for anything.." - Taylor

"a know pizza... it's like in a circle right" - Heidi

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