Eva Longoria Disses Khloé Kardashian for Refusing to Answer Personal Questions

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Ouch. First Sarah Michelle Gellar cancels her Vogue subscription because Kim Kardashian made the cover, and now Eva Longoria is trying to put Khloé Kardashian in her place. The Desperate Housewives actress told an Australian radio show that actors shouldn't have to answer questions about their personal lives, but for reality stars (like Khloé), their personal lives are why they are famous.

Last week, Khloé reportedly shut down the Australian morning show Sunrise for asking her questions about her niece, North West. Khloé claimed it was technical difficulties that resulted in her satellite feed being dropped, but the show maintained that Khloé's camp pulled the plug.

Asked about the reality's star's reluctance to open up on-air, Longoria told the Confidential on Nova radio show that, "There’s definitely things that are off-limits and shouldn’t be asked (but) I think it is different for a reality star than it is for an actor. An actor goes out and acts and does work, certain things are left to be private. Reality stars are kind of living out their lives, that’s why they are famous, because of the reality of their lives.’’

What do you think? Was Eva on point or off base? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Alexis Lowther
    Alexis Lowther

    It's not her choice to not talk about north. Kim and Kanye have decided not to put her on the show and the other kardashians are respecting their wishes to keep nori's life private.

  • Rhiannon Laupp
    Rhiannon Laupp

    It woudnt have been polite to awnser personal questions without the parents consent. Kim wanted North out of the public eye as much as possible. Khloe would have been going against Kim's wishes if she had awnsered. Not to much, reality shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians(sorry if i spelled it wrong) is all scripted and the Kardashians do ALOT of acting. I woudnt consider it a "reality show".

  • Sandra Taylor
    Sandra Taylor

    no.. I disagree.. answering quetions about her own personal life, sure.. but north west is not her baby so she has to respect the parents wishes on keeping quiet

  • dignitywithstyle

    Eva is right, but she surely didn't put down this Khloe chick as she SHOULD have. But then again, Eva's got dignity and grace, so she wouldn't probably go to the limits. I, on the other hand, have no fear. This Kardashian chick is disgusting, by far moreso than her other pathetic siblings and, worse, equivalent to her mother. She is actually selling her soul, daily, for the sake of greed and attention and most are sickened by it. Earlier today, after watching a video of Khloe stating that her 'camel toe' in pictures is a GIFT TO US, just about made me puke. No doubt, she's learned it all from her mother. She has a big mouth just like Mama Pimp-ski K, and thinks she's sexy as hell, camel toe or not. Well... I've got news for Ms. Khloe. She looks like a dang BLOWFISH who has no class, no dignity and certainly NO integrity. You are a disgrace to young girls the world over and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • dignitywithstyle

    Eva is right, but she surely didn't put down this Khloe chick as she SHOULD have. But then again, Eva's got dignity and grace, so she wouldn't probably go to the limits.

  • Jay Oh Why Mendez
    Jay Oh Why Mendez

    who cares!!?? im hungry.

  • Meagan Jonquil Somerhalder
    Meagan Jonquil Somerhalder

    Eva may have had no right to butt in, but you know what? She is right! These reality "stars" are only famous because they put their lives in the spot light for everyone to see. If they don't want their lives public why the hell do they do reality shows? Sure, it's not her child and she may not have wanted to answer the questions, but she didn't have to cut the show like she's Queen Bitch! She's famous for doing NOTHING like her whole family.

  • Tammy Harris
    Tammy Harris

    The question wasn't about her, or HER child. She is not in a position to relay any information about her sister's child. Eva's point is baseless....just like her career.

  • Kelly Marie
    Kelly Marie

    Yes, true but North West is her neice. Khole shouldn't have to open up about her. That should be left up to Kim and Kanye!

  • Kymberli Adelaide Aidoo
    Kymberli Adelaide Aidoo

    She is on point reality stars Never tell the truth about themselves

  • Monica Murillo
    Monica Murillo

    Eva dawlinnng thats how they make money they try so hard to keep u wondering about their lives that they end up banking on selling their story duuuuh