Kanye West is Taking a Picture of Your Selfie

Perhaps it was an artistic move on Vogue’s part to shoot Kanye West taking a photo of Kim Kardashian taking a selfie of her and North West (Are you still following?)… But it ended up being the perfect target for another meme that’s sure to take over the internet in the next few days.

The picture is totally photoshopped, so we couldn’t help but hop on the bandwagon in wondering what was really on his iPad as they snapped this shot?

I got a good laugh out of taking some guesses of my own…

Perhaps he’s still really excited to go home to this at night…

Or maybe he re-watched his infamous VMA moment, interrupting Taylor Swift’s big win.

He could be wondering how long it will take for Kim and Nori to reach Bey and Blue Ivy’s power status.

Maybe he’s reminiscing on the good ol’ days with Amber Rose… Or thanking the good Lord he’s no longer with her.

But he’s probably just gazing intently at himself… Because, ya know, there’s no one better.

Want to make your own Kanye selfie image? Right click on the photo below, save the image to your desktop, drag it into photo shop and go at it!

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