Kim, Is that You? Naya Rivera Looks a Lot Like a Kardashian Now

Naya's Stripper Pole
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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Naya Rivera is sending a whole lot of compliments Kim Kardashian's way. The newly enhanced Glee star posted a bathroom selfie over the weekend, and the actress is the spitting image of Kim with lighter locks.

From the cleavage, to the eyeliner to the pout, Naya looks like a long lost Kardashian sister in this pic she shared with her nearly one million Instagram followers.

Naya, who captioned the photo "Razzle dazzle," is also engaged to a hip hop artist like Kim. No wedding date has been revealed but if Naya and her fiancé Big Sean decide to marry in France, things will really get weird.



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  • Rafael Simone
    Rafael Simone

    Stop making this girl relevant by talking about her over bullshit. Talk about her when she does something important.

  • Cassandra MsSan Watlington
    Cassandra MsSan Watlington

    There will only be one KimKardashian! Get over yourself all you Haters! Hahaha!....

  • whatsmyname

    Unlike Kim though Naya is a talented actress and singer. I would rather have paparazzi follow her than porn star Kim.

  • Anda Iso
    Anda Iso

    Wtf, this is stupid. Just because she has blondish hair and showing cleavage means she is copying Kim K? I really doubt she thought "omg I wanna look like Kim" when she took the pic.