Another Taylor Swift Stalker Caught By Police

This is the second time in three weeks Taylor Swift has had to keep an obsessed fan at bay.

The stalker-prone singer had an unwanted guest at her Westerly, Rhode Island home last week and after becoming irate at being asked to leave, the 38-year-old man was charged with misdemeanor counts of willful trespass and disorderly conduct.

It seems Daniel Cole, who hails from Massachusetts, doesn’t take police warnings seriously, considering he was first spotted blocking the driveway of the 24-year-old’s beachfront mansion back on Dec. 9 and again on Dec. 21.

Daniel Cole’s mug shot. Photo: Westerly Police Department/The Westerly Sun

Both times he was escorted off the property.

So last Thursday, Swift’s security had Cole arrested, but not before he told a guard that he was there to visit the songstress and to “it was OK for him to come up to the house,” according to The Westerly Sun.

When he refused to leave his truck and get off her property, he reportedly yelled obscenities and struggled with one of the officers. Hence, why he got thrown in the slammer.

Swift has had one too many scary encounters with crazed fanatics, starting in May 2013 when a 22-year-old Chicago man named Lucas Vorsteveld decided to “go for a walk” and ended up swimming two miles to meet the country cutie on the exclusive shores of her Westerly digs.

In July 2013, 55-year-old Joseph Bernatche was arrested for trespassing, but before being taken into custody took his fandom one step further by handing her security a note, which read, “Taylor, if you ever want to see me in person again; I suggest you call me now.”

And earlier this month she was granted a restraining order against Tim Sweet, who as CB! uncovered, sent her 735 tweets begging to marry her and threatening harm to her family.