Lauren Silverman’s Ex-Husband Opens Up About What He Really Thinks About the Simon Cowell Cheating Scandal

Even though Simon Cowell technically stole his wife, real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman is surprisingly very level-headed about the whole thing.

Before the scandal made headlines, the two multi-millionaire moguls were actually very good friends. You know, the kind that talk about their bank accounts while yachting together in St. Barts. Even their significant others at the time, Mezhgan Hussainy and Lauren Silverman, were for all intents and purposes, chummy.

Little did Andrew know, Simon had been sleeping with his wife and she was carrying his baby — and the rest is tabloid history.

Now, with a freshly-inked divorce settlement and strict custody agreement in place for their 8-year-old son Adam, Andrew is moving on with his life preferably out of the spotlight, he told the New York Observer.

“It was a very difficult time in my life. I learned a lot, moved forward. My core business has continued to move forward,” said the Chief Investment Officer at NYC-based development firm The Andalex Group. “I learned a lot about myself as an individual, the importance of family. My focus has been on my son throughout the whole ordeal.”

After months of seeing his name splashed across the media, he’s happy to return to the private life he’s always cherished and leave the music mogul and his ex, who gave birth to son Eric Cowell on Valentine’s Day, to keep the press busy.

“Being in the public spotlight is not something I envy. It’s never been my way,” he added. “Privacy has tremendous value. I’ve tried to be as quiet as possible even though everyone wants to hear about this hoopla.”

Although no one would blame him if he did, Andrew doesn’t trash the 51-year-old X Factor creator and calmly chalks it all up to a “fascinating experience.”

“I just wanted to refocus on what I do. I am a regular person, not a tabloid thing. It was a fascinating experience, unexpected and shocking.”

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