Puff Daddy Returns! Sean Combs Ditches ‘Diddy’ In Favor of Original Moniker

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Ladies and gentlemen, “Puff Daddy” is backSean Combs, who changed his stage name from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy in 2001, is going back to his roots. The hip hop mogul will now go by Puff Daddy once again. 

Combs, 44, made the announcement via Twitter in a bid to promote his upcoming album MMM.

While the Sean John designer says he did not change his name, it’s clear from his Twitter handle and other social media accounts, that he has in fact gone by Diddy for the last several years.

Puff Daddy’s name change also coincides with the release of a teaser trailer for his latest single, “Big Homie.”

The single drops March 31st.