Celebuzz Takes a Stand Against Paparazzi Who Photograph Celebs’ Kids

Dear Readers,

Celebuzz is turning a new editorial page in our five-year online history.

In recent months we’ve been unbelievably moved by Jennifer Garner’s and Halle Berry’s steadfast mission on behalf of the Hollywood parental community to bring awareness to their fight against paparazzi. They’ve stood in solidarity to address state lawmakers about the trauma they’ve faced at the hands of ever more intrusive photographers, an unfortunate bi-product of an increasingly pervasive desire for celebrity culture.

But, more importantly, it’s been their emotional dedication to the cause as mothers who fiercely want to protect the most important people in their lives — their children — that caught our undivided attention.

After speaking at a hearing earlier this year to lobby for California Senate Bill 606, which has since passed and will create stricter punishments for celebrity photogs, more Hollywood moms and dads have followed in their footsteps, including Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

And now it’s Celebuzz’s turn.

Like many outlets before us, we are also making the commitment to not publish photos of celebrity kids that aren’t approved first by their parents.

That means CB! will no longer be running paparazzi photos of celeb children other than those shared via social media and taken at events where the parents are aware of the possibility a photographer will take their picture.

The editorial department at Celebuzz understands the essential balance of working with and having compassion for the celebrities we love and cover on a  daily basis.


Celebuzz Team