‘Glee’ Totally Just Ripped Off ’30 Rock’ With This ‘Friends’ Parody

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So, Wesley SnipesMichael Sheen‘s dreams have been realized.

On Tuesday, Glee pulled off a parody of Friends — dubbed “Chums” — by recreating the NBC sit-com’s iconic happy-go-lucky opening. It would’ve been great and all had 30 Rock totally not make the same joke almost four years ago.

Reaffirming its underrated comic genius, 30 Rock spoofed Friends in 2010’s “I Do Do” episode when Sheen’s awkwardly-British character, the hilariously-named Wesley Snipes (“If you saw a picture of him, and a picture of me, and you were asked ‘Who should be named Wesley Snipes? You’d pick the pale Englishman every time!”), tried to explain to Tina Fey‘s Liz Lemon that the English have their own version of popular American shows.

Though the Gleeks hit the nail on the head with an almost shot-for-shot remake of Friends‘ credits, there was just something about “I’ll be here always, while the rain falls in Wales” that made it comedy gold.

Seriously, just do yourself a favor an relive 30 Rock‘s take on Friends “Chums,” here.