Here's Why Kim Went Back to Brunette and Khloé Added More Blonde

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Last month, Kim Kardashian admitted she regretted dying her hair dark again, but never answered why she decided to go back to her natural brunette locks in the first place.

Well, we finally have our answer! And guess what? It has to do with her infamous Vogue cover.

Kim's hairstylist Tracey Cunningham posted one of the Vogue photos to Instagram today, providing some inside details on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's change of heart color.

She add the caption: "Now I know why @kimkardashian needed to go back to her natural #brunette! She told me it was top secret and I would know soon enough! So cool @voguemagazine #ilovemyjob #kimkardashian #kanyewest #redkenready Thank God for #shadeseq(The color that thinks its a conditioner) for Shiny,Silky and Healthy Hair!"

Kim explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers that she had to keep the whole thing a "top-secret mission" from everyone--including her family and friends!

As for Khloé's recent change up... It's not as top secret as Kim's, but still pretty dramatic.  The reality star went several shades blonder, posting a photo to her Instagram account on Friday with the caption, "Thanks @anjabee for giving me my blonde bitchy babe hair! #RamirezTran @jenatkin  your moral support was much appreciated."

Khloé's colorist Anja Burton told E! News, "She was at the salon for a few hours.  She's getting ready for vacation and wanted summer hair.  [So] I highlighted her hair to lighten and brighten her hair up.  We did find some fun inspiration photos."

And KhloKhlo's hair looks fabulous, if I do say so myself! I'm a big fan of the blonde!

What about you?  Do you prefer Kim's brunette 'do or Khloé's lighter locks? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Sarah Seales
    Sarah Seales

    Khloe Is The best.... What Can't Khloe Pull Off she is to Perfect to not to be able to pull anything she looks/is great in anything

  • Christina Marie Rodriguez
    Christina Marie Rodriguez

    Khloe can pull off blonde hair because of her complexion. If u haven't noticed her skin color is way lighter then kims....even if kim had no bronzer or spray tan, khloe would still be a lot lighter. Besides it started to look like kim was trying to be beyonce.....west wants the world remember that