Joan Rivers Slams Lena Dunham’s Weight

Lena on Nudity
Lena Dunham wants you to get over her naked body.
It’s a day ending in “y” so you know that means Joan Rivers is making another celebrity the brunt of her rude commentary… But this time, she may have gone a little too far.

During an interview with Howard Stern this week, the 80-year-old used the moment as an opportunity to slam Lena Dunham’s weight, taking her “comedy” to a new level of inappropriate.

“Lena Dunham, who I think is terrific, how can she wear dresses above the knee?” Rivers asked Stern, referring to the Girls star’s weight.

“I think the thing we love about her is she doesn’t give a sh*t,” Stern defended Dunham.  “Do you watch Girls?  Do you watch when she’s naked on there? She did a whole episode in a bikini, it was the funniest f*cking thing I’ve ever seen.”

Stern’s co-anchor Robin Quivers also commented, saying, “And I think that’s what she’s going for: just because I don’t look like a bikini girl, I want a bikini.”

“But that’s wrong,” Rivers replied.  “You’re sending a message out to people saying it’s OK, stay fat, get diabetes, everybody die.  Lose your fingers.”

So in other words, Joan is basically saying if you’re average weight, you don’t deserve to get in a bikini, you shouldn’t be allowed to wear dresses above the knee, and you’re going to die…………………..


Look, I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, which we all know Joan certainly has a lot of, and this is supposed to be a formed of “comedy,” but in reality it’s actually just sad.  Joan has no real sense of humor unless it’s at the expense of others, and in this case, it’s more than just Lena Dunham who will be affected.  It’s hurtful, and it’s sure to stir up emotions in all realms.

Snooki, who was once chastised for her weight, has already taken to her blog to share her opinions about this, asking Rivers to “have some respect.”

And since we’re all sharing opinions here: I think if you’re face is so done up with plastic surgery that you’re only capable of showing one emotion, you probably shouldn’t be allowed on television… Or to make any comments about anyone’s appearance EVER– you know, because it’s sending a bad message.  Right, Joan?


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