Rihanna Does a Great Impression of a Three-Toed Sloth

Other things Rihanna does great impressions of: Bill O’Reilly, billboards, surfboards, surfborts, a person who’s maybe had a bit too much to drink and/or smoke, and, obviously, a Hello Kitty phone charm. Rihanna: Queen of Impressions. I’m not good at impressions. My only talent is presenting today’s winning captions.

“Im so high right now..wait did I turn into a polar bear?!” – Mersadies

“I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinkinnng!!!!!” – Cathia

“Three, three blunts smoked in a row.” – Karen

“3 times a lady!” – Linda

“Hold up, where did my thumb go??” – Celina

“cause i know that my hand is unFURthful & it kills me inside”” – Laura

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