Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Has the Best Jamaican Accent and Other Funny Things

I’m just going to come out and say it: This video of Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson attempting a Jamaican accent is not only the best 20-second video you will watch today, it is the greatest moment ever filmed. Suck it, all of Citizen Kane. As of now, I have spent approximately 37 hours this week watching this video on loop. It does not get old or less funny. As for other funny things — though perhaps not quite as funny — we’ve got what celebrities would look like if they were hipsters, a Game of Thrones/House of Cards mashup, BaneCat (because The Dark Knight Rises parodies are still funny nearly two years later), and even more. Or, just watch the Little Mix video on repeat, forever.

DesignCrowd asked designers to turn famous actors into hipsters. These were the results:

This parody of Lorde’s “Royals” pokes fun at typecasting. It’s funny, and it has a message:

This is as accurate as it is funny:

This BaneCat video is quite funny despite the fact that I didn’t know we were still making Bane jokes?

Aubrey Plaza illustrates the dark side of Ring Pop!

This Game of Thrones/House of Cards mashup is good, although it’s slightly disappointing that it ends up being an ad for Quiznos. Who’s hungry?

Best billboard billbort ever?

In conclusion, you may now return to watching the Little Mix video repeatedly. Class dismissed.