Harry Styles Is Asked for Five Thousand Dollars During a Prank Call and Is Totally Chill About It

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re American, which means you’re going to need a little background before you listen to this prank call. Nick Grimshaw is a DJ who hosts a radio show on BBC1 called The Radio 1 Breakfast Show. On the show, there is a recurring segment called Call or Delete in which famous guests must prank call another famous person in their contacts, or delete the number. On a recent show, lead singer of The 1975 Matt Healy was forced to play. He first went to call Niall Horan, but when the call went to voicemail he called Harry Styles, who answered. You can listen to the whole thing here:

Healy—who, as it turns out, is pretty good at making prank calls—calls Harry and says that he needs to borrow £5,000 for… something. He never really says why. Harry, who we can now officially say is the chillest member of One Direction, never hesitates and offers to get his assistant to work it out. What an angel.

Healy, by the way, later apologized to Styles on Twitter.