Ryan Gosling Can Pump My Gas Any Day

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So, I have some good and some bad news...

The good news: We have new Ryan Gosling photos!!!!!!!!!!! The bad news: He was in Los Angeles, and I did not see him. #SadKitty

The super hottie we'd all love to makeout with was spotted at a gas station in LA yesterday, making the most boring of tasks incredibly dreamy.  Gosling was wearing a blue plaid shirt, black jeans, sunglasses, messy wet hair and a scruffy beard.

........ Kill me now.

We haven't seen much of the Gos lately, as he's been busy finishing up his directorial debut with How to Catch a Monster and brushing off rumors (truths?!) about his split from Eva Mendes.

So, please grace your eyes with his perfect gas-pumping presence by launching the gallery above... After all, who knows when we'll see him next!



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  • guest7

    a damn hottie and cutie *_*