Watch Lindsay Lohan Destroy a Car on ‘Billy on the Street’

Here at the blog factory, we spend all day hunched over a computer, thinking of words to string into phrases and sentences in order to describe things that we find funny or think you should see. Sometimes that job is hard, but other times the thing we’re describing is a video of Lindsay Lohan beating the ever-living shit out of a car while screaming, “I worked with Lily Tomlin!” On those times it’s best to stand back and to let the video speak for itself. This is why we love Billy Eichner, because he makes our job easy.

Okay I know I said I’d shut up, but I just wanted to point out one more thing. (This is what it’s like to watch anything with me except that, in person, I’d be tugging on your sleeve and talking right over the video.) Another thing Lindsay Lohan says during this video is, “I should have done this to Herbie: Fully Loaded when he abandoned me.” Oh my god, it’s so good. This video is so good.