Fun Game! Let’s Guess What Taylor Swift Is Listening To!

What is Taylor Swift listening to? There’s a good chance it’s Taylor Swift. However, it is also possible that she is listening to Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran. Less likely, but still possible, is that she is listening to John Mayer featuring Taylor Swift. But who knows, maybe I’m completely off base and she’s listening to B.oB. featuring Taylor Swift. Who can say? Give it a think, take a look at today’s winning captions, and then let me know what your final guess is.

“i remember that song, thats the One i wrote about Bert, Jake, Tom, Dante, Rodney, Nick, Bill, Ronnie…….” – Stephen

“he looks like a guy I can add to my list” – Michelle

“My bank account sounds awesome….wanna hear?” – Amanda

“you’re next and you don’t know it!” – Jack

“You look like you would be a hit record!” – Leanna

“Fight club gloves; check
Rocky soundtrack; check
No boyfriend this week; check
Let’s do this thing!!!” – Fabez

“Beyonce sounds so much better than me!!!!!” – Melinda

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