Snooki’s Crush on Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian Talks New ‘Dash Girls’ Reality Show: Celeb Blogger News Roundup

Some of our favorite celebrity bloggers have been quite busy lately! Click through for a roundup of what they’ve been up to!

Snooki Confesses her Crush on Jessica Simpson

Nicole explains why she has such a big crush on Jessica Simpson.  Click here to read her confession!

Kim Kardashian Announces ‘Dash Dolls’ Reality Show

Kim expresses her excitement about a new show that showcases how the Kardashian sisters run their DASH stores.  Read about it here.

JWoww Shares a Photo From her ‘Chubby Wubby’ Days

Jenni Farley was a little chubby bunny as a baby! See the adorable photo here!

Watch NeNe Leakes Get Down to the Jive

You don’t want to miss a spunky NeNe on her second week of Dancing With the Stars.  Watch her performance!

Kelly Osbourne Opens Up for ‘You’ Magazine

Kelly Osbourne shares inside details on the new adventures she has coming up in her life.  Read about them here!

Love Expert Siggy Flicker Dives Into Social Media

Siggy Flicker explains the difference between social media and social dating.  Watch the video below to get her advice!