The President of Taco Bell Disses Justin Bieber

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What’s better than a Crunch Wrap Supreme with a side of nachos after a long night of drinking??

This joke the President of Taco Bell made at the expense of Justin Bieber

T-Bell President Brian Niccol took to Reddit yesterday for an “Ask Me Anything” chat to talk about the new breakfast items the fast food chain is offering as well as answer any questions about our favorite Mexican food-to-go.  As any Taco Bell lover would assume, Brian was awesome.

But none of his answers compare to how he replied to a question about the breakfast items making their way to Canadian restaurants.

“Only to America?  When is this coming to Canada?” one reddit user asked Brian, to which he responded in the utmost honesty:

“When you take Justin Bieber back!”

OUUUUCHHHH! Looks like the Biebs probably won’t be making his way to T-Bell anytime soon… Though I’m not sure if any other food chain can properly satisfy those late night munchies he’s sure to have.

Speaking of the Biebs’ (and Miley’s!) favorite drug of choice, another highlight from the chat:

How much have your sales increased in Colorado since the legalization of marijuana?
Brian’s response: 420% (But seriously what is 4/20?)

Needless to say, this makes me love Taco Bell just a little bit more… As if that’s even possible!

So who’s down to get down on some Bell later?!