Zac Efron Resurfaces After Bizarre Bodyguard Brawl

Zac Efron has finally come out of hiding since his car allegedly ran out of gas near L.A.’s sketchy Skid Row on his way to a late night sushi dinner and he got into a random fight with his bodyguard fending off some crazy homeless people.

No, the recently-rehabbed actor was not researching a new role, he just happened to be driving through the random part of town at 12:30 a.m. when his car stalled. And in a more bizarre twist, when he and his “bodyguard” threw a glass bottle out the window while waiting for the tow truck, it pissed off three transients so much they punched the actor in the face and then it was a full-on thrown-down until police arrived.

According to TMZ, friends of the big screen heartthrob are calling BS on what he told police and are worried he’s relapsed after getting treatment last year for cocaine addiction and alcohol issues, as exclusively reported by CB!

In these new pics Efron’s trying to keep a low profile in dark shades and a beanie as he’s being driven by a friend on Friday. He reportedly got punched in the face pretty hard, but there are no signs of injury to his pretty face (phew!)

But the bright red Fiat probably didn’t help his undercover mission.

Take a look at Efron on the run in the CB! gallery above.