Scantily Clad Kylie Jenner Goes to 'Werk' on Instagram

Kylie Jenner on Instagram
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Kylie Jenner has fashion in her blood and apparently shares an addiction to all things social media with all of her siblings. She also spends a whole lot of time rocking a bikini while the rest of the country is still braving the brisk spring air.

The 16-year-old reality starlet is a regular on Instagram, but swapped her typical selfies and beauty shots for the one above.

And knowing that we love a sassy caption, Kylie kept this one short and sweet with "Werk, lol."

Of course, it isn't the first pic she's shared that shows off her rocking body.

Long story short, don't be surprised to see Kylie follow in Kendall's fashion footsteps sometime soon.



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  • celebintel

    It's really disgusting to see her take and post these pics, then read sites like this one call her "sexy" and comment on her body...SHE IS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! Wth is wrong with you and her AND her parents to think this is okay to do? To sexualize herself at such a young age makes my skin crawl!