‘Smash’ Actress Megan Hilty is Pregnant: Report

A Broadway Baby is on its way for Megan Hilty and her husband, Brian Gallagher! The newlyweds confirmed the news to Us Weekly, just in time for Megan’s 33rd birthday.

Megan and Brian were married just four months ago in Las Vegas and discovered their pregnancy on Gallagher’s 34th birthday back in January.

Hilty told Us that they took the test together, saying, “”It was the best present he got this year — or any other year for that matter!”

The former Smash star and Broadway veteran also dished the dirt on what she’s been craving food-wise. “Everything I can’t have!” she says of her food choices. “I want sushi, tuna fish sandwiches, coffee and champagne.”

And it seems that the couples love of music might have an influence on the baby by the time he or she is born. Megan quipped, “This baby’s gonna be really sick of our voices by the time it arrives!”