Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet Brought Sexy Back to the UK Premiere of ‘Divergent’

Theo James gets preppy for GQ Magazine.
If you haven’t seen Divergent yet, what is wrong with you?

The newest YA movie adaptation to hit the big screen is doing decently at the box office and some have even argued that it’s a better piece of work than The Hunger Games. Regardless of your feelings for the franchise though, stars Kate Winslet, Shailene Woodley, and Theo James are hell bent on being sexier than their post-apocalypitc competition.

Kate, Shailene, and Theo all hit the red carpet on Sunday in London’s Leicester Square, premiering the movie that has already made more than $75 million at the box office.

And even though I’m convinced that Shailene is a down-low hippie, she still brought the glam with a backless gown that’s to die for.

Check out all the pictures in the gallery above, including Kate’s attempts at selfies that prove how awesome she really is.