Watch Hugh Jackman Perform ‘Wolverine: The Musical’

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He’s played a super hero and the lead in a movie musical. Now, Hugh Jackman has combined the two genre’s for an insane viral video that will blow your mind. 

That’s right, Hugh dusted off his singing chops for a brand new event in musical theater, Wolverine: The Musical.

The show isn’t real of course, it’s the brain child of the crazy Brits behind BBC Radio 1. That didn’t stop Mr. Jackman, who stars as the clawed character in this summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, from nailing the song as if it were his next big audition.

You’ve got to watch the video below. Have we mentioned that the song is set to the tune of “Who Am I?” from Les Misérables?

Watch out Neil Patrick Harris, Hugh is coming for your musical theater crown.