Shakira's Hips Don't Lie, But They Move in Mysterious Ways

Is there a word or phrase like "mixed metaphor" that applies to writing titles for blog posts on celebrity news sites? 'Cuz what I did up there, see, was start out with a Shakira reference, but I ended up in U2 territory. Quite a trajectory. Makes little to no sense, but guess what? No one cares! No one comes here for me; they come for today's winning captions.

"My back don't lie" - Jewell

"It ain't gonna lick itself" - Wesley

"How low can you go???" - Jeannie

"The MATRIX...Latina style!' - L Stephon

"Oh baby when you bend like this. ." - Shana

Wer'e meant to BEND together ....." - Jessie

"suck my cockiness...lick my persuasion." - Tribornee

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