Giuliana and Bill Rancic Won’t Allow Duke to be a ‘Hollywood Kid’

I had the opportunity to ask Giuliana and Bill Rancic a few questions the other day, which was a super exciting moment for me.

Back in my high school days I always told people “I want to be the next Giuliana Rancic,” not just because she’s super successful (and hosts one of my favorite entertainment news shows), but because she’s managed to do that while maintaining a stable life and raising a normal family… And defeating cancer, at that!

But one of my concerns, which I addressed with both her and Bill, is how they plan to raise their son Duke in a way that prevents him from making poor decisions like so many young children brought up in Hollywood these days (cough cough Justin Bieber).

“Bill and I feel very strongly about raising Duke in Chicago.  We don’t want him to be a Hollywood kid,” Giuliana explained.  “And of course, we are going to have rules for him.  He will definitely be buying his first car on his own just like Bill and I did.”  Hopefully Duke has been adding to that good ol’ piggy bank!

Speaking of Chi-Town,  the Rancics aren’t the only power couple in the Windy City… Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are a stone’s toss away.  I asked Giuliana and Bill if they plan on setting up a play date for Duke and Camden Cutler, and they both agreed they would.

Giuliana told me, “We definitely want to! Once we finish building our new home in Chicago we will be spending a lot more time there and will have to arrange some play dates!”

And soon they may have have two sets of play dates to plan… Just as K. Cav and Cutler will be welcoming baby No. 2 into the world in a few months, the Rancics have been planning for a second lil nugget, too!

“We would definitely love to give Duke a little brother or sister- we don’t care which,” Giuliana told me.

Bill agreed, saying, “I have three sisters and Giuliana has a brother and sister so we know how much fun it can be growing up in bigger families.  We would like for Duke to share in that experience.”

Giuliana also explained how, in the premiere episode of Giuliana & Bill, you will actually see them asking Delphine, the surrogate who carried Duke, if she would be willing to carry another child for them again.

“All I can tell you is that this season is a roller coaster ride and the ending might not be what you expect,” she added.

Other than filming a reality show and setting up play dates with NFL quarterbacks, Bill and Giuliana admit their life is pretty similar to yours and mine.

“We like to consider ourselves to be pretty normal,” Giuliana explained.  “We love to take Duke to the park and on hikes.  We love the outdoors and have even more fun when we are all together as a family.”

Bill added, “We also go out for ice cream a lot… Probably more than I should.”

LOL! Sounds like my kind of family.

For more adorable family moments from the Rancics, you can tune into the premiere of Giuliana & Bill tonight at 8/7c on E!