Someone Allegedly Threw a Drink in Juan Pablo Galavis’ Face This Weekend

Trouble in Paradise?
'Bachelor' Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell are seeking therapy.
When you’ve been voted the worst Bachelor of all-time, bad things are bound to happen to you once the show’s over.

Juan Pablo Galavis experienced just how much the public hates him first-hand this weekend when someone allegedly threw a drink in his face at an event at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. According to Us Weekly, a young woman approached the soccer player and dumped her beverage all over him, calling him a “f**king douchebag” before being escorted out by security.

TMZ later confirmed the story, reporting that the unidentified woman actually “hurled” an aluminum beer bottle at him that “nailed him in the shoulder.”

Despite multiple sources confirming the story, Galavis himself spent his Monday morning vehemently denying the whole thing. The 32-year-old took to Twitter to clear the air, writing, “I WONDER who was the creative MIND that MADE UP the drink-in-my-face STORY. People: say NO to DRUGS!”

Sure. Drink or no drink, at least we can all agree that Juan Pablo certainly has egg on his face.