Joe Jonas Decribes his ‘Dream Come True,’ Includes Strip Clubs and Diplo

Joe Jonas Shirtless
Joe Jonas shows off his bod in Hawaii.
When you think of someone’s big dreams in life they usually include something along the lines of landing a huge job, starting a family, visiting a magical location

But when it comes to Joe Jonas, his dreams are much less, er, complicated.  They simply include: Diplo, Vegas and strip clubs.

In his April cover shoot of Scene magazine, the former boybander explains his blossoming bromance with the EDM DJ.

“Diplo.  He’s awesome.  He’s a new friend… I went to see him in Vegas.  A fun night of him dragging me to a strip club.  There wasn’t much dragging involved.  Going to a strip club with Diplo was fun.  I think he knows his way around that place.”

Jonas continues, “You hear the idea of going to a strip club with Diplo, that’s a dream come true.  Hes the king of twerking.  He put it on a pedestal.”

He also admits to the magazine he wants to collaborate with the DJ on more than just making it rain at the strip club… Jonas thinks it would be a ‘dream come true’ to work with Diplo musically, too, as he’s produced songs for artists like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Usher and more.

Not to mention, Joe has been working on some DJing skills himself a lot lately, too!  In an exclusive interview with Scene’s editor-in-chief Peter Davis, he told us “Joe got his iPhone and DJed the whole shoot.  And then he DJed again, for real, that night in Hollywood, at School Night.”

Boybander gone DJ? Could be interesting…

The April issue of Scene hit news stands today, but you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot by launching the gallery above.