Kim Kardashian Made a Video Montage of Her Bikini Body

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Kim's Bikini Looks
Kim Kardashian's many sexy swimsuit styles!
Kim Kardashian is living the high life in Thailand right and she has the B-roll to show for it.

Unlike most tourists who’d be content with snapping a few photos on their iPhones, the reality starlet is documenting her vacation through a professionally-scored video montage. In one clip uploaded to her Instagram, a bikini-clad Kardashian is playing with her hair in the wind while Jhené Aiko‘s “Stay Ready (What a Life)” plays in the background.

Seriously, am I watching a Vogue video right now? But given the Kardashian clan’s affinity for making family “music videos” while vacationing, I guess this is actually not that outrageous.

Watch the actual video, below.