Watch out, Mila! Someone’s Been Crushing on Ashton…

Mila's Rock
See Mila Kunis' bling from Ashton Kutcher.
Even though Ashton Kutcher may have put a ring on Mila Kunis’ finger, that won’t stop the ladies from continuing to crush on him!

Nina Agdal admits she has a huge crush on him… But it might have more to do with his fiance than anything else.

The Sports Illustrated model told E! News, “I think Ashton Kutcher is adorable, and he’s with my girl, Mila.”  So basically, it’s a #CoupleCrush (more so than a #ManCrushMonday).

She also gave some good advice when it comes to dating.  “I’m very young and not settled with anybody right now.  I do think a lot of women (and men) go into relationships believing they can change the other person.  That’s how people end up unhappy in a relationship.  Love the person for who he or she is, not what you’re imagining them to be or hoping they can change to.”

Hmm… I wonder if she learned this lesson from her ex-beau The Wanted’s Max George?

Anyway, Agdal also explained what she did when she found out she was going to be on the cover of SI.  “I called my family.  I wanted to give them a heads up, especially my dad.”

LOL! Yeah. Dad probably needed sometime to cope with that.

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