Beyonce Has a 4-Year-Old Homeless Brother

Long story short, Beyonce’s father had an affair, fathered a son, isn’t making his usual hefty child support payments because he’s not riding on his famous daughter’s gravy train, so his baby mama is broke and homeless.

And she wants the singer's financial help.

Alexsandra Wright, the former mistress of Mathew Knowles, told In Touch that because Mathew’s child support payments have plummeted from a whopping $12,000 a month to $2,400 a month, she has gone broke and no one in the famous family has reached out to lend a helping hand, which it sounds like she would prefer came with a wad of money.

Maybe the cold shoulder has something to do with Bey’s father cheating on her mother with this woman and, in turn, she doesn’t want to give up her hard-earned fortune on someone who -- despite her public plight -- is still making (without lifting a finger, we might add) nearly twice as much than the average person takes home a month in minimum wage.

When they were a happy family: Mathew Knowles, Beyonce and Tina Knowles in 2005. Photo: Getty

Although, we have compassion for Bey’s 4-year-old half-brother Nixon, who had no choice when it came to his parental figures, his mom can still get a job to supplement her income.

Since the “Drink In Love” singer fired her dad as her longtime manager in 2011, not surprisingly, his bank account just hasn't been the same. And he won’t have to make those reduced payments to his baby mama for another couple years, forcing Alexsandra to foreclose on her L.A. home, leaving the only option to live in a homeless shelter, she claims.

“Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyonce," she told the mag.

“I can’t imagine how Beyonce feels knowing that she has a homeless brother. I know if I were in the same position," Alexsandra added. "I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.”

You know, with that whole international superstar world tour thing, it may be a while.



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  • Dillia Gregory
    Dillia Gregory

    Lady bye! The more you talk the more you expose the world to you ulterior motives! Your baby check bounced now you're looking for empathy and compassion? Beyonce will show you the same respect and compassion you've shown her mother! Dumb ho!

  • duhbaby

    Simple she needs to get her ass a job like the rest of us who gets that much money and cant pay her bills? Maybe they should rip her child support and call child protective service because she sounds unfit. If I was Beyonce I would keep doing me and never lift a finger because I didnt lay down and make that boy.

  • 1mzintegrity

    Whenever a female lies down with a male, whether she does or doesn't use protection there's a possibility of a pregnancy occurring. Whether she is in a relationship or not is irrelevant. If she chooses to keep that child, she is now both it's Mom and Dad. A male's penis spits and goes, no evidence of the act. We females carry the evidence. It takes two to make a child, sadly one usually ends up carrying the responsibility alone.. the woman. You appear to have no integrity. dignity and pride to show your son, life is hard but Mommy loves you and will work hard to provide for us both. But feeling entitled, waiting for and expecting handouts from your illegitimate child's wealthy sibling. The question is why did you truly have this child, was he an unexpected blessing or your passport for wealth? You are a sad female, and I bow my head in disgust and shame after reading your interview.

  • Jolie Fille
    Jolie Fille

    She is crazy. She knew what she was doing when she got with a marry man. Now she's asking for Bey help. She is drunk enuff to think that Bey is going to give up sum of her fortune to help. Why can't she get a darm job like everyone else. 2,500 a mth in child support she shud be glad. The only reason bey is not saying anything is becux she don't want to make the bitch a factor. I feel sorry for that innocent child. I don't feel sorry for a side piece like her. Get job bitch