Lady Gaga Stars in a Bizarre Remake of ‘The Wizard of Oz’

I mean, not really. But if there were a bizarre remake of The Wizard of Oz in the works, I would pay good money to see Lady Gaga and her motley crew star. Follow the yellow brick road and you’ll find what you’re looking for: today’s winning captions.

“gurls hold me i cant mothaf*ckin see anything.” – Rohanie

“a cold day in hell when Gaga has on the most “normal” outfit in the group!” – Tiffany

“Big sale at GOODWILL!” – ValerieandPatrick

“Welcome to Panem…May the odds be ever in you favor ” – Kimberly

“Preview of American Horror Story Freak Show lol” – Joe

“You can’t sit with us” – James

“We’re off to see the wizard…” – Jorge

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