Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone are Going to Cause Several Teenage Heart Attacks

The similarities between Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone are uncanny.  Not only do the last five letters of their name match, they’re both teenage heartthrobs who are a little too young and good looking for their own well being with similar styles in music that cause teenage girls all over the world to squeal.  Not to mention, they’ve both shown interest in Selena Gomez

Despite all of that, we’ve never seen the two pop stars combine forces… Until last night.

Yup! The two heartthrobs took to their separate Instagram accounts to post a couple photos that appear to hint at a possible collaboration–a surefire way to send many teens into cardiac arrest.

Austin posted this photo with the caption, “What an amazing song last night.. The world isn’t ready! @justinbieber,” standing beside Mack Maine, Birdman and the Biebs.

Justin Bieber shared the same photo, but captioned it, “New music #YMCMB,” obviously referring to the two rappers/producers beside him in the photo.

I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited about this… Totally had a #fangirl moment.

Anyway, let’s just hope Bieber’s bad boy ways don’t rub off on the sweet and innocent and still very impressionable Austin Mahone.

Are you exciting about this collaboration? Let me know in the comments below!