All the JWoww News You Need to Know

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JWoww's Sexy Costume
See the 'Shore' vixen's Halloween get-up.
JWoww has been one busy woman. Check out some of Jenni Farley’s best posts from this past week.

Jenni shares the most AMAZING selfie ever. Seriously, you have to see this pic!

JWoww can hold her own in the kitchen and shot another video with her BFF Joey, this time she was cooking up Turkey Meatballs on Quinoa pasta with some homemade sauce! Watch it here.

The mother to be is stocking up on baby essentials. Check out her latest “toy.”

JWoww played an April Fools joke on her fans.

Jenni Farley got some early practice at motherhood. Check out this adorable photo.

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